Yunlong electric car detonates Jinan exhibition

Yunlong electric car detonates Jinan exhibition

Yunlong electric car detonates Jinan exhibition


The Jinan Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. This long-awaited 2021 industry closing exhibition was brilliant. As a subsidiary of Shandong Yunlong New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., it uses innovation to create its own brand of intelligent and environmental protection. Yunlong electric vehicles brings new research and development products. “Y3″ made a stunning appearance and became one of the hottest “punch-in places” at the Jinan Exhibition.


As a new product developed independently by Yunlong electric vehicles, Yunlong “Y3″ has lived up to expectations. Once it was unveiled, it attracted the attention of the audience. Whether it is design or performance, Yunlong “Y3″ can be regarded as a benchmark product in the intelligent market and has become a new product. The “trend indicator” of generation Z fans.

In terms of appearance design, Yunlong “Y3” highlights the trendy appearance of personality, completely subverting the stereotyped product image of traditional electric vehicles, and is the first to move closer to intelligent robots. The sleek and concise lines of the body are perfectly combined with the cat-eye headlights. It enhances the sense of fashion and recognition of the whole vehicle, presents the advantages of personalized appearance vividly, and leads the trend of intelligent travel.


In addition to the appearance design, Yunlong “Y3” innovatively applies a number of cutting-edge technologies and is equipped with the self-developed “Yunlong Intelligent System”, which can respond to users’ full-scenario intelligent travel needs.

“Yunlong Intelligent System” can realize the use of security intelligence, smart car locks, APP smart housekeeper, smart positioning, smart interaction, car networking, smart meters and other scenarios. It uses smart technology to efficiently interconnect people and vehicles. What is more surprising is that this system Through cooperation with well-known domestic AI algorithm service providers, it can continuously improve the intelligence of AI, and can train and grow through cloud upgrades, so as to fully meet the increasingly diversified needs of users and the pursuit of intelligent travel life.


In addition, Yunlong electric vehicles has also joined forces with battery giant Dejin New Energy to use high-end battery technology in the field of new energy vehicles in the development and design of electric tricycle products, to achieve the ultimate safety of people and vehicles, and jointly build the strongest electric vehicles. Allow users to enjoy safe, relaxed and intelligent travel at all times.

In the electric vehicle market with poor design and serious product homogeneity, Yunlong “Y3” uses intelligent and humanized product design to break the public’s inherent knowledge of electric vehicles in one fell swoop, redefine the electric two-wheel industry, and provide users with Come for a smarter and better travel experience

This is Yunlong’s exploration and practice of the new intelligent electric vehicle track, and it is also Yunlong’s “ambition” to establish the position of the intelligent leader in the field of travel.

As a blockbuster exhibition at the end of the year, Jinan Exhibition is not only a new car show, but also a window to inspect the industry’s vane. Yunlong’s smart technological strength has undoubtedly shown us the confidence and momentum of this “new species” to accumulate upside on the new track.

It can be expected that Yunlong electric vehicles, which rely on strong capital empowerment and corporate strength, have already radiated new development momentum in the upgrade battle of intelligence, Internet, and youth, and have come to the forefront of the industry.

Post time: Nov-01-2021