Only when electric car dealers make money can manufacturer be bigger!

Only when electric car dealers make money can manufacturer be bigger!

Only when electric car dealers make money can manufacturer be bigger!

From many formal or informal occasions, I often hear salespersons or regional managers talk about the fact that EEC electric vehicle dealers are not easy to manage, and they don’t listen to greetings.


First, let’s take a look at the group of EEC electric vehicle dealers. In what way are they a group of people? Why do manufacturers send salesmen to help these EEC electric vehicle dealers? What is the purpose of managing EEC electric car dealers? Dealers are the link and bridge linking manufacturers and end users. They are responsible for selling the vehicles of EEC electric vehicle manufacturer and do a good job of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services! In order to earn profit from the price difference of selling vehicles and after-sales service.


Then why does the manufacturer send a salesman to help the EEC electric vehicle dealer? The ultimate goal of the manufacturers to send salespersons to help is to help distributors open the local market, establish a brand image, assist in selling products, establish a good reputation, establish a stable sales channel, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for the manufacturers. Therefore, the management here focuses on “reasoning”! Manage people, directors, and products to make the dealer better, and let the EEC electric vehicle dealer convince you, then the dealer will be easy to manage!

Some people say that you speak lightly. How to manage? Why do you care?

Some people say to be friends and brothers with EEC electric vehicle dealers! Everyone takes care of each other.

There are also people who say to help dealers do good things and make dealers like you.

Some people say that giving things other than the policy is to be kind to the dealer, so that he is embarrassed not to sell my products.


There are many different opinions, and they are all true, but what is the core? The core is to let the dealers convince you from the inside out! Yidefu people can make the dealer respect you, but he may not do business with you. Persuade people with talent, he appreciates you, but does not necessarily treat you as a friend. To persuade people with strength is to borrow the power of the company, such as technology, quality, after-sales and other team strengths, to provide him with various services. He may follow the company, and your own charisma may not be enough!

EEC electric vehicle dealers are not employees of the manufacturer, and they will not ask the manufacturer to pay a penny. They buy the goods with the money, in order to make more profits and have a stable and promising future. Therefore, the management of dealers must rely on real skills, not treats to dinners and calls brothers and sisters. That is a means, not an end! To manage the dealer well, he must be convinced.


1. EEC electric vehicle dealers have difficulties, you have to find solutions. For example, many EEC electric vehicle dealers started from maintenance masters. They have no culture, don’t know much about computers, and don’t know much about advertising and marketing activities. They face strict local policies when it comes to listing, so the salesperson’s responsibility is to help. They solve the problems they encounter, no matter they go to home, publicity planning, and activities, they reasonably arrange and combine the excellent experience of other places with local needs, so as to truly solve the problems and really serve EEC electric vehicle dealers.

2. For any market demand of EEC electric vehicle dealers, you must have forward-looking foresight and implementation plans. If EEC electric vehicle dealers put forward product suggestions or problems, either they found solutions to the problems they encountered in the course of practice, or there are hot models in the market, they make suggestions to follow, and the sales manager should absorb the essence and adopt Follow and innovate strategies and put forward forward-looking suggestions to let the market walk on “two legs”. The distributor can make money with differentiated products, and he appreciates you from the bottom of his heart.

3. When the dealer of EEC electric vehicle is tired or can’t find the direction, you are a light to point out! Whether it is an office worker or a businessman, there are times when they are tired, so how to enlighten them and inspire them, so that they have a mentor who can seduce them, and a friend who can talk about their troubles, and give them spiritual encouragement and support.

Post time: Sep-14-2021