The introduction of X2

The introduction of X2

The introduction of X2

This electric car is the new model from the factory. It has a beautiful and fashionable appearance with fluent whole line. The whole body is ABS resin Plastic cover. ABS resin plastic comprehensive performance is very good with high impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, it can be easy to be painted in color, thus can make the vehicle look more fashionable and beautiful. Because all of above features, it is widely used in machinery and automobile manufacturing.


Its rearview mirror uses irregular circular design with lovely style which add vitality and movement to its fashionable appearance. The headlights and taillights adopt LED lamps with low power consumption, strong light transmittance and long lighting range. The car uses aluminum alloy wheels which has impact resistance, tension resistance and other characteristics. So it’s durable. And it has a light weight that can reduce the weight of the body, then reduce the energy consumption. In addition, it can effectively slow down the aging of the brake drum and tire with high heat conduction coefficient and good heat dissipation performance.


The front windshield is made of 3C tempered and laminated glass with strong impact resistance and safety. Door lock is the electric lock which can support remote control unlock. Its windows can be raised and lowered electrically, which is convenient and labor-saving. Car’s interior belongs to dark color department that looks like steady inside collect and not easy dirty.


The steering mode is middle handlebar for steering light. The driving range, speed, power can be seen at a glance on condition that it has a 5-inch large LCD display. There is MP3 and other multimedia player system to add more driving fun.


 The vehicle can hold up to 3 people with large space. There are leather seats with artificial design and comfortable and wear-resistant riding experience. Each seat is equipped with three-point safety belt to ensure maximum personal safety on the road.


Now we’ll talk about its power system. It has the 1500W D/C brushless motor and 60V 58Ah Lead Acid Battery. Its max speed is about 40km/h and max range is about 80km.It can provide the most powerful power on the premise of ensuring smooth driving.

It is small,flexible and suitable for city shuttle to avoid driving in the rush hour and traffic jam. It’s fast, convenient and more suitable for family outing without waiting parking. We can also contribute to the protection of the earth by electric driving for energy conservation and environmental protection

Post time: Nov-23-2021