With its own traffic and C-position, Yunlong New Energy will soon appear at the Nanjing Exhibition!

With its own traffic and C-position, Yunlong New Energy will soon appear at the Nanjing Exhibition!

With its own traffic and C-position, Yunlong New Energy will soon appear at the Nanjing Exhibition!

On October 26-28, the year-end industry event Nanjing Exhibition will be grandly opened! As the global leader in EEC low speed electric vehicles, Yunlong New Energy will make a strong debut with a super-large core booth, leading the electric vehicle category to a new height!

Electric vehicles will be popular in 2021. This is a well-known thing, but with so many electric vehicle brands, why has Yunlong New Energy uniquely won the “group favor” and become the focus of dealers’ attention? In fact, Yunlong’s overall strength is outstanding, and you can’t tell the clues under the fine product!


Brand power: Yunlong New Energy focuses on brand upgrades and is one of the few in the industry that insists on independent and original technology. The company has complete original development capabilities from wheel systems, chassis, body, interior and exterior trim, lamps, electrical and electronic control systems, etc. Process technology, manufacturing strength, and capacity scale are all top in the industry. After years of brand precipitation and channel accumulation, Yunlong New Energy has established the brand banner of “Global EEC low speed electric vehicle leader”. The market reputation and brand influence are increasing day by day, and the competitiveness is not the same! Product power: Product power is innovation power, and it is the number one weapon in market competition. Yunlong New Energy has always adhered to the concept of “everything revolves around the product”, refined styling, strong craftsmanship, creating quality, and constantly innovating and upgrading products, and timely launching “small and beautiful” “small and sophisticated” electric vehicles that can meet the current needs of the market. New products, creating classic and explosive models that many consumers love. The strength of Yunlong Y series products launched at the Jinan Exhibition this year detonated the audience and was sought after by dealers, and the orders on site were super hot.


Production capacity: Yunlong New Energy has strong manufacturing strength and abundant production capacity. This year, the production capacity will be expanded again, and the productivity of Yunlong new energy will be raised to a new level. The three bases of Taizhou in Zhejiang, Jinan in Shandong, and Kunming in Yunnan will be linked together, and a good situation of cooperation and complementarity will ensure that dealers supply worry-free in the peak season! The professional, large-scale, automated, and modern high-end equipment of the three major bases not only enable a qualitative leap in production capacity and quality, but also the powerful intelligent manufacturing “joint force” has once again consolidated the solid position of the “global EEC low speed electric vehicle leader” .

Demand: At present, the electric vehicle category has become a hot new outlet in the industry. The huge sales volume and profit margins have attracted the influx of funds from all walks of life, and cross-border brands have emerged one after another. As the pioneer and pioneer of EEC low speed electric vehicle industry, Yunlong New Energy is a real “veteran” brand!


The company’s leaders have a forward-looking strategic vision and seize the outlet of EEC electric car ahead of time. Not only the product appearance design is stylish and beautiful, but the quality and performance are quite excellent. Original mature products and strong technical background make Yunlong New Energy a leader in the three-wheel and four-wheel new energy field of EEC electric car. “Whatever people need, Yunlong New Energy will make it!” This is also the key to its core competitiveness in the market.

Channel power: Yunlong pays attention to channel construction, continuously cultivates the market, strengthens terminal support, and makes the legalization of business identity and the unification of terminal image as the top priority of future market operations. In-depth storefront construction and channel creation have formed a new model of “humane service and scene-based experience”, making the terminal store more attractive, thereby expanding sales and allowing dealers to make more money.

Accurate corporate positioning, strong product research and development strength, strong brand promotion, and solid support for businessmen. It is no wonder that Yunlong New Energy is full of popularity at every exhibition and rave reviews! It is reported that in this Nanjing exhibition, in addition to the huge support policy and the best promotional activities of Yunlong, all its hot-selling and original innovative products will be unveiled, and it will be a sensation again. Isn’t it very exciting? !

Post time: Oct-25-2021