Yunlong EEC electric car ushered in peak sales season

Yunlong EEC electric car ushered in peak sales season

Yunlong EEC electric car ushered in peak sales season

EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles is the right way to open up the autumn and winter travel!

Entering November, EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles and electric cars ushered in a peak in sales. Yunlong EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles appeared in the phenomenon of dealers queuing for goods. Drivers lined up for loading and workers in enterprise workshops moved and loaded the goods until early morning. Yunlong’s factory began to work overtime to respond to sudden market demand. The market demand for EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles, electric cars, and electric cabin scooter has surged.


Recently, many places have generally ushered in cooling and rainy and snowy weather. EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles are well-loved by end consumers for their properties of sheltering from wind and rain, cold and warmth. The sales of EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles are also becoming more prosperous. Sales have increased significantly, and scenes of national hot sales and hot orders have frequently appeared.

According to the sales manager’s feedback, the trucks waiting to be loaded in front of the factory have lined up a few days ago, and the agents in various places are urging the delivery every day. In November, it is not an order but a rush!


In addition, EEC electric vehicles, which were on fire this year, also ushered in a national hot sale! There is an announcement that it can be listed. EEC electric vehicles are legal and compliant, stylish and comfortable, economical and practical, and have a wide market demand. They can carry people and loads, and they can cover more than 80% of the travel needs of the three electric industries. Moreover, it can not only give play to the characteristics of convenience and sensitivity, good driving and parking, but also take into account the car-level appearance and driving experience, and the market’s hot sales trend has been increasing.

During peak shipment periods, production capacity is tight, and some manufacturers are out of stock


“EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles are selling well” and “orders have skyrocketed”. During the peak shipment period, some manufacturers have been out of stock.

In addition, due to limited power production and the “dual control” policy, many provinces in China were previously restricted or suspended, and multiple consecutive rounds of raw material price increases. The supply and demand gap will be further widened, production capacity will be tight, and some hot-selling models will be lacking. The goods are serious, and the lead time will be extended!

The shortage of raw materials and the huge increase in cost pressure EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles will rise again

Under the tremendous pressure brought by the continuous rise of domestic raw material prices, “steel production restrictions”, “20% increase in electricity prices”, and “expansion of peak-shift production in the heating season”, the pressure on EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles has increased dramatically , A large wave of price increase letters bombarded the market, and an EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles rose up to $600.

“Since the end of October, we have issued two price adjustment notices, and basically no letter has been sent recently. Customers basically ship at one price a day, and do not accept reservations and prepayments.” Some manufacturers said.

This round of raw material price increases is a systematic price increase in the industry chain. With the insufficient supply of raw materials upstream and the high prices of prices, it is expected that this wave of price increases will not be alleviated in the short term, and will continue until the end of 2021 at least!

As the weather turns cold, the hot sales of EEC L1e-L7e electric vehicles are at the right time, especially in the first half of the industry’s dynamic sales slowed down. Most companies and dealers put the key match points to seize the peak season sales in the second half of the year. Please be sure to report in time Goods, grab the goods in time, or that sentence, stock up according to your local market situation, and increase the stocking volume by 30%-50% according to your monthly sales is a relatively safe range!

Post time: Nov-13-2021